Tornado Vault
TCORE Router
The main functions of the router are:
  • Liquidity Zap
  • Swap
  • Wrap
  • Arbitrage

Liquidity Zap:

Liquidity Zap's allows the user to directly exchange Ethereum into LP tokens while saving GAS costs (mainly dedicated to Ethereum network and its high gas fees).
It's a quick and simple way to obtain new LP tokens. You won't be needing to go to Uniswap or the pool to create them. It is all done through the interface on
Liquidity zap's can not be front run. It is the best way to purchase LP tokens and help the TCORE ecosystem to grow.
All TCORE liquidity provider tokens are locked. You will not be able to exchange these tokens for their underlying assets. LP tokens allow you to participate in the LP farming pool, and obtain rewards.


Swaps allow you direct access to all supported TCORE pair contracts.
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Liquidity Zap: